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For all your primary education needs


Work on writing sentences, paragraphs, and short essays with a particular focus on word choice, sentence structure, and organization.

English as a Second Language

Develop English language skills while promoting cultural understanding.


Hone your science skills in a variety of areas, including physical science, life science, and earth and space science. Learn the value of scientific investigation.


Develop your math skills by practicing the basics with word problems and math games.


Students read and discuss a range of material including poems, stories, essays, and current events – depending on their grade level and interests.

Social Studies

Learn the basic elements of social studies –  history, geography, branches of government and current events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Tutoring Right For Me?

What grades do you tutor?

At this time, we offer tutoring for students in elementary school, grades kindergarten-6.

How much does tutoring cost?

All tutoring services offered by Intutorly are free. Our mission is to provide high quality educational support to students from all backgrounds.

Who are the tutors?

Intutorly’s volunteer tutors are a diverse group of dedicated individuals, including high school students, college students, professionals, and retirees.

Will I ever meet my tutor in person?

Our tutoring services are offered online only at this time.

What technology do I need?

Lessons are conducted by video conference so a wifi-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer work best.

How does scheduling work?

After you have submitted an application (here), we will connect you with a tutor who will then set up a mutually convenient time to meet online.

Ready to Start Learning?

Choose Subject

In which area(s) would you like help? We cover a range of primary school subjects.

Assess Technology

How will you connect with us? Any wifi-enabled device will work – phone, tablet, or computer.

Evaluate Schedule

When is the best time for you?  Consider times that you are most productive and ready to learn.


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